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Surf Clubs

The Surf club originally began for local children so they could, and still can, experience a safe and fun introduction to surfing, offering our guidance and experience as they progress as surfers. We are proud to mention that past members have gone on to become British Team Members and British Champions.

The club has now grown and offers “Ladies Only” and the “Gentleman’s Club” for locals wishing to learn or improve their surfing skills.


First Lesson - £35

4x Lesson  (Adults - Ladies & Gent's Club) - £60.00

4x Lesson (Juniors - Surf Club) - £50.00

'Surf Club', 'Ladies Only' and 'Gentleman's Club' all run on Saturdays, 10am at Godrevy. During the British Summer Time we also offer the club on a Wednesday evening at 5pm.

If you wish to join, please email us at along with your name and number. We will add you to our list so that we can send you a text every Friday (and Tuesday) with the plan for the lesson!