Terms & Conditions

Surf Lessons

  • You can only participate in a surf lesson if you are able to swim 25m in a swimming pool unaided.

  • Anyone 7 years and above can participate in a surf lesson.

  • Children between 7-8 participating, we will insist on a private lesson, OR a parent or guardian joining in to help assist them in the water in a group lesson throughout – the parent or guardian will not need to pay an additional cost and we will provide the extra wetsuit if needed.

  • No refund shall be given less than 24 hours from your scheduled lesson. We can reschedule if there is a legitimate reason why you cannot attend the lesson on that day.

  • We can reschedule your lesson at any time (except less than 24 hours without a legitimate reason), please just let us know as soon as you can via phone call and email.

  • If we have to cancel your lesson e.g. storms, no waves, we will reschedule your lesson to another day. If this doesn't work, we can give you a full refund.

  • When we ask for payment over the phone, none of our phone calls are recorded. Therefore we do not keep any of your banking information during the payment process.


  • When hiring out our equipment, we will require a deposit e.g. drivers license. This will be returned to you when you return the hire.

  • All hire equipment needs to be treated with respect and must be carried (including leashes) at all times. If refused to do so, we will not hire it out to you.